SoCR 2016

South African cities as effective drivers of local and national development” is the theme of the fourth edition of the SoCR. It is the product of the accumulated wisdom of five years of knowledge generation and engagement by the SACN and the broader fraternity of urban development practitioners, scholars and analysts. The report’s aim is to improve our understanding of the role of cities and what is required to ensure their succes


SoCR 2016 Main Report

The full report including city profiles and annexures.

SoCR 2016 Peoples Guide

A supplementary product to the SoCR 2016 Main Report, aimed at disseminating the main messages to a broader audience.


Chapter 1 – Introduction

The key trends, dynamics and concepts related to the theme “South African cities as effective drivers of local and national development”.


Chapter 2 – Spatial Transformation

The imperative for spatial transformation, and the practical role of space and the built environment in urban development.


Chapter 3 – Productive Cities

How cities can deliver effectively on both growth and economic inclusion (supporting livelihoods).


Chapter 4 – Inclusive Cities

How cities can better enhance local resilience and reduce inequality.


Chapter 5 – Sustainable Cities

How cities can develop in a way that is in balance with natural resource realities and planetary limits.


Chapter 6 – Well-Governed Cities

Whether city governance systems are – or could be – capable, effective and accountable.


Chapter 7 – Finance

How sustainable municipal financing can be achieved in a context where there is not enough money to go around.


Chapter 8 – Enabling Environment

A call for action to all urban actors whose commitments will be necessary to ensure innovative, dynamic city economies and livelihoods.


End-matter (Acronyms, Figures, References)

Acknowledgements, contents, forewords, city timeline, and SoCR overview and main messages.