Integrated Urban Development Framework (IUDF)

The SACN has been part of the team driving the Integrated Urban Development Framework (IUDF), which was successfully launched in 2014. SACN is acting as the secretariat to the Department of Cooperative Governance and partners and is extensively involved in the development, editing and production of the various documents. Make sure to visit the IUDF website

2018NUA Final

  The New Urban Agenda Localisation Framework (NUA-LF) is a report that the SACN produced in partnership with the Department of Human  Settlements &   COGTA.

2016IUDF 2016 WEB 1

The Department of Cooperative Governance, working with various partners (including SA Cities Network), has recently released the Integrated Urban Development Framework (IUDF) which was approved by Cabinet in April 2016. “The IUDF is a policy framework on how the South African urban system can be reorganised, so that our cities and towns become more inclusive, resource efficient and good places to live, work, shop and play in, as per the vision outlined in the National Development Plan.” 

2014Cover IUDF

Integrated Urban Development Framework: Draft for Discussion. The Draft IUDF takes forward the arguments and thoughts outlined in the IUDF Discussion Document, and outlines the strategic goals, policy levers and strategic priorities that should inform a concrete implementation plan for attaining the urban futures vision outlined in the National Development Plan.

2013Cover IUDF discussion

Towards an Integrated Urban Development Framework. Discussion Document: this document presents the rationale for a national urban development policy.