Olga Koma (SACN) and Stacey-Leigh Joseph (SACN)

The South African story is one that has been told countless times, how we emerged from an oppressive political system and forged a democratic one. At the advent of South African democracy, the newly elected government was faced with the mammoth task of rectifying the injustices of the past. Fast forward 20 years and we should be applauded for how far we have come. The complexities that were inherited required unprecedented levels of problem solving and implementation strategies. In 1994, the ANC government instituted a housing and land reform programme to address the socio-economic-spatial disparities, a direct result of apartheid spatial planning. The White Paper on Housing, government committed to “the establishment of viable, socially and economically integrated communities situated in areas allowing convenient access to economic opportunities as well as health, educational and social amenities”.

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