Instagram Competition (1-20 Feb)


The South African Cities Network will convene the 4th South African Urban Development Conference from 4 – 6 March 2015. The conference, will inform the preparation of the 4th State of Cities Report by focusing on the question: “Are cities driving local and national development?”

As part of the exciting build-up towards the State of South African Cities Report 2016, the South African Cities Network (SACN) is initiating a public initiative intended to engage youth in thinking and commenting about their cities. The 2015 SA Cities’ Instagram Photo Competition is thus aimed at welcoming young city residents, through a per-city competition format, to contribute to building up a reflective, visually compelling set of images about how citizens and urban dwellers view their cities and city life.

To leverage the growing interest and participation in social media and “insta-walks,” SACN has partnered with Mobile Media Mob (MMM) to orchestrate this Instagram Photo Competition where young people can “Instagram” images of their city in response to an overall competition theme:

The best images will be added to SACN’s image library for use across various outputs, and the winning entries will be featured in the State of Cities Report 2016.


My City through My Lens

I have a vision for this city… For my urban life and lifestyle.
I want to be able to live, work and play
as part of a wider community who can all do the same.
[How] does… or could… my city provide the
for us to have a fulfilling urban life?

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