Africities 29th Nov – 3rd December

The Africities Summit 7 was hosted from the 29th November to 3 December 2015, in Johannesburg, under the theme Shaping Africa’s local government with the people. Africities hosted stakeholders, delegates and officials from across the African continent as well as stakeholders and partners from various regions: such as ministers, local authorities and local elected officials; officials of local and central administrations; civil society organizations, associations and trade unions; economic operators of the public and private sectors as well as of the social/ solidarity economy, traditional rulers; researchers and academics; international cooperation agencies.

The Africities 7 Summit, the seventh edition of the Local Governments Pan-African Days, will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 29 November to 3 December 2015. Its central theme will be: “SHAPING THE FUTURE OF AFRICA WITH THE PEOPLE: THE CONTRIBUTION OF AFRICAN LOCAL AUTHORITIES TO AGENDA 2063 OF THE AFRICAN UNION.” Creating a Vision for Africa, It is an exciting time for Africa, filled with possibility and a renewed sense of self-confidence. This is powerfully captured in the Agenda 2063 – Towards an Africa we want, which incites everyone to play an active role to see the following vision come to fruition:

A aspire that by 2063, Africa shall be a prosperous continent, with the means and resources to drive its own development, and where: African people have a high standard of living, quality of life, sound health and well-being. A continent full of well-educated citizens through a skills revolution underpinned by science, technology and innovation for a knowledge society.The Africities Summit pursued two major objectives: 1. Defining appropriate shared strategies in order to improve the living conditions of the people at the local level.2.Contributing to the integration, peace and unity of Africa starting from the grassroots inspired by the AU’s 2063 vision. The Africities 7 Summit was organized in three segments; Opening Session, Thematic Sessions and Political Sessions which allowed different networks of African local authorities and networks wishing to work with the African local authorities to present their proposals and to contribute to the reflections. Go to for more information on Africities.