Study into Urban Poverty


    The project reviews five South African urban poverty reduction strategies and interventions. The complete paper is available online in Word format

    Recognising and understanding poverty

    Recording and monitoring poverty


    Responding to poverty – interventions

    Learning briefs:

    PRO-POOR INTERVENTIONs for local economic development: the case for sectoral targeting
    It is becoming apparent that, across urban areas of the developing world, there is growing recognition of the imperative for evolving a pro-poor focus in LED planning, writes Christian M Rogerson of the University of Witwatersrand, September 2002
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    hiv and aids and urban poverty: an occasional paper
    Mirjam van Donk explores HIV/Aids as an urban development concern, with a particular focus on the link between HIV/AIDS and urban poverty, 3 August 2002
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    cities and poverty research presentation
    Recognising and understanding, recording and monitoring, responding and intervening: Chris Rogerson, Insandla Institute looks at cities and poverty research, presentation, October 2002
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