Sustainable Energy Seminar 2009

    On 17 July 2009, the SACN convened a Sustainable Energy Seminar that examined waste-to-energy through biogas.

    Energy generation through biogas offers one option of addressing the challenge of waste management and increasing energy prices. Used extensively in China, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan, waste-to-energy through biogas offers a way of dealing with waste in an integrated and sustainable way. The seminar's objectives were:

    • To launch the SACN’s toolkit on Waste-to-Energy through Biogas.
    • To explore biogas generation strategies, and share experiences of applying these strategies in South African cities.
    • To develop a common understanding of the challenges associated with implementing biogas generation projects and the operational and regulatory responses that can address these in the future

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    The job creation potential in biogas generation
    The role of local government in implementing biogas projects
    Biogas generation case studies
    Introducing the energy from waste (biogas) toolkit & feasibility model
    Biogas in the renewable energy feed-in tariff (REFIT)
    Green fuels for public transport in South Africa