EPWP Reference Group 2010

    The meeting took place from 31 March to 1 April 2010 at the Botanical Gardens, 9A John Zikhali Road, Greyville, eThekwini.

    IGNATIUS opens the presentation informing the group of the figures and targets for the EPWP from the 2nd Quarter. He says that during the 2nd Quarter, there has been considerable increase in reporting as a sign that many of the issues are being streamlined. The infrastructure, environment, and social sectors have shown significant improvement. KZN has had 70 000 new work opportunities, the majority of them in infrastructure with Gauteng and EC following closely. The presentation focuses on the municipal targets. JNB was most impressive with more than 22 000 new work opportunities and eThekwini followed closely with 17 000 work opportunities.

    Ignatius tells the group that the Minister is very keen to understand the experiences in the municipalities. He intends to host Indabas in all the cities and to meet with the Mayors to improve the relationship between spheres of government.

    The national departments are still not reporting sufficient information. Most of the new work opportunities will be at the national sphere of government, but they have only achieved 21% with provincial reporting 15% and municipalities reporting 54%. There is considerable growth potential in the national government.

    The social sector will well on track. The target for Phase 2 is 2 million FTEs to maximize the impact of the programme to reduce poverty. The department is also eager to implement maintenance projects into the EPWP.

    In his concluding remarks, Ignatius also presented figures on the EPWP Fiscal Incentive Grant presenting figures on the amounts of money that municipalities receive for the EPWP. For example, JNB got R8.4 million and eThekwini received R7.9 million.

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    Summary report
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